Here We Are

I do not know Karate, But i do Know Crazy and I’m not afraid to use it

With the team of crazy technologists, we are equipped to develop Unique or Wild requests

Software Development


We are not a mere consultant, we blend in with the project. We map out the hardware flow, structure flow, ensuring the idea reach its purpose effectively and Efficiently

Web/Application Development


Wherever you go with your dreamy ideas, we always put the Crazy Fun side to the project. We are prepared to get our hands dirty, to plant and grow the seed terminating the germs/bugs.



We still haven't build a mech, and Robotics does not mean we are making transformers. Here we are developing tons of automatization ideas into a product by combining hardware, software and mechanics to ease our daily living.

Our Playground


We welcome our partners and peers to the Crazy Playground, where our work is a game and we Play it Seriously

What We Do

We always innovate and deliver the precise Solution to our clients, by continuously keeping ourselves up to date and improve our products with the latest technology.

Excellence is one of the most important values for us, keeping high standards to assure the quality of our products & services. We believe in building an effective relationship with our clients by providing efficient services.

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